Cooperation with other artists


Cooperation with
Hiroyuki Matsumoto

In the autumn of 1992 she had her first big exhibition in Osaka. While in Japan she met Hiroyuki Matsumoto, a Japanese calligrapher, and they were so impressed with each other’s work that they decided to work together.

Looking at the same moon, they made a bridge between Japan and Holland, through calligraphy and colours in their very special communication from 1994 – 2000.


Cooperation with 
Fanny Holmin

From her reading (and understanding) of a poem by the Norwegian poet Fanny Holmin in the tram of Oslo, a new and precious cooperation was born. Fanny writes poems to Liesbeths works. See photos from an exhibition here.

Check out some examples on Fanny's website (if you can deal with some basic Norwegian words...)

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